Our family has had both our parents reside at the Solon Retirement Center over the past five years; thus I feel qualified to write a testimony.

Our father resided in the Memory Care unit for about a year prior to his passing, and the staff in that section treated him with respect and patience. They willingly fed him when needed, ensured that he actively participated in recreational activities and tended dutifully to his bodily care needs due to his incontinence.

Our mother started in the Assisted Living area when she selected The Solon Retirement Center for her and our dad to live in their sunset years. She resided there for about three years, and was given total access to our father in the Memory Care unit so that she could provide him with a familiar face. The Assisted Living personnel made our mom’s residency quite enjoyable, with many planned activities on and off site.

Our mother has transitioned to the Nursing Home section due to age-related mobility and stability issues. The staff in the Nursing Home (and Skilled Care unit) treat her lovingly and she has made many friends with the staff. Solon has provided PT and OT services during her recovery from these falls, as well as seeing to her needs of a separate shoulder injury that she suffered many years in the past.

Besides the competent and caring nursing staffs, the administration and facilities folks (food preparation, laundry, cleaning and maintenance) also are top notch.

Overall, I remain impressed and well-satisfied that my father received, and my mother continues to receive, top notch nursing and skilled staff services in a kind and loving manner, and I hope that I will be as fortunate in my latter years in finding a long-term care facility such as The Solon Retirement Center.

– Bill J.

In June 2021, our mother moved into the Solon Care Center (SCC) Assisted Living area (SAL).  She was 88 years old and sad to leave the home where she and our father had lived together for over 40 years.  But our father had passed away a year and a half before that, and her doctor stated it was time for her to live in a facility that would provide her the nursing care she needed that we, her children, were not able to provide.  The apartment she moved into was bright and airy, and she was able to bring her own furniture and personal items that reminded her of home.  It was an immense adjustment for her, and it took time, but she really enjoyed the activities that SAL provided, such as chair exercises, card games, board games, planting flowers, painting pumpkins, and all kinds of seasonal crafts.  There are approximately 20 residents in the SAL area, several of whom our mother knew before moving in, which helped her adjust tremendously.  In addition to the activities, SAL also had an in-house hair salon, so our mother was able to continue getting haircuts, permanents and sets as often as she liked, which she greatly enjoyed.  The staff there provided meals, laundry, and physical and mental health assessments for our mother as needed. Also, they administered all of her medications and provided whatever nursing services she required.  These services provided us children with a huge peace of mind, knowing that our mother had nursing assistance 24/7, whenever she needed it.

Unfortunately, eight months after moving in, our mother fell and required a partial hip replacement.  After surgery and being released from the hospital, she moved into the Solon Care Center’s Skilled Care area.  This proved to be a much more difficult adjustment for her than moving into SAL was.  She wanted to go back to SAL but needed much more skilled nursing care; she needed to be in Skilled Care.  ALL of the staff at the SCC joined together in comforting our mother and helping her adjust to Skilled Care.  She was in pain from her surgery and sad that she had to be there, but the staff comforted and worked with her to accept that she needed to be there, and eventually she settled in.  When she left Skilled Care a few weeks later, she joined the Nursing Home part of the SCC, which she adjusted to almost immediately.

Sadly, two months after she joined the Nursing Home area, her health took a rapid decline and she required hospice care.  With the assistance, once again, of ALL of the staff at the SCC and an outside hospice care provider, our mother was treated with respect and made comfortable during her passing.  The SCC gave us children the time we needed with our mother and did not rush us into leaving.  They even contacted the funeral home provider so we didn’t have to do that.

Losing your parents is a traumatic, life-changing event.  We were distraught and sad, but the compassion and respect the SCC gave to our mother and us (and our father who also passed away there in 2019), made this distressing experience somehow a little bit easier.

– The Family of Irene Jedlicka