VISITATION GUIDELINES Effective 12/1/2020:

We are again allowing visitors into the facility. This is based on the positivity rate in Johnson County and could change at any time. We ask that you call ahead and make an appointment as previous, and limit visits to one hour, and only two visitors per resident. The goal of this is to limit and track the number of visitors we have in the facility at any given time.

As per previous guidelines, you will need to be screened into the facility by a member of the facility staff, you must wear a mask while visiting, and go directly to and from the place that you are visiting.

• All visits need to be scheduled in advance. This can be done by contacting the facility by phone or email:

For Nursing, Skilled and Memory Care please contact Mandy at 319-624-3492 or email at

For Assisted Living please contact 319-624-5353 or email Angela at or Melissa at

• All visits will be limited to one hour.

• All visitors must be screened in at the front door by facility staff.

• Masks must be worn at all times.

• Social distancing of six feet must be maintained.

• Hand hygiene with hand sanitizer must be performed.

• Movement within the facility is to be limited directly to the resident’s room and straight back.

• Outdoor visits are the safest and are encouraged.

• Any visitor with ANY symptom of COVID-19 shall not visit until 10 days after symptoms have subsided.

• Only two visitors per resident at one time.

• Open Window Visits along with Zoom Visits are still available as well!

• Rapid antigen tests for COVID-19 are available at the facility by appointment. These are not required, but they are encouraged. To schedule a test email Derek Sanders, Director of Nursing at